World Events

While I tend to keep everything here about the reviews and tours I do, every now and then there’s some world news that needs to be noted and shared with the community at large. I have a couple of things to share today:


  • Dr. Maya Angelou passed away at 8 a.m. EST this morning. Angelou was arguably one of the most influential poets of the 20th century with her most known work being I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, the first part of her seven part autobiography. Dr. Angelou was a professor at the Wake Forest University. She will be greatly missed.

  • LeVar Burton, known as Geordi le Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Kunta Kinte from roots, and the host of the long running show Reading Rainbow has recently started a new kickstarter. Called Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere, the kickstarter focuses on filling a need that is still prevalent in the United States by bringing Reading Rainbow to the internet, creating specialized webisodes for Schools, and delivering it FOR FREE to schools. Arguably one of the most influential things in my life as a child, I highly recomment checking out the kickstarter page for this good cause. The prizes are fantastic. Now if only I had $600 to give so I could have a face-time call with LeVar Burton.

About librarianfatale

Miss Powell works as a Youth Services Librarian in a lovely community in Upstate South Carolina. Miss Powell enjoys reading Historical Fiction, YA novels, and Scottish Romance novels. She also runs another blog called A Bibliotaph’s Reviews and will be a contributor to the blog What Your Librarian Reads. Miss Powell enjoys spending her down time at home with her one cat, Gwen, a good book, and a cup of tea. She hopes one day to visit Scotland and perhaps eventually move there. View all posts by librarianfatale

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